I grew up in a 200 year old house filled with Antiques.  I spent a lot of time refurbishing  old furniture, so the rustic thing just sort of comes easy to me.  Using reclaimed wood also helps  make Antique replicas  more authentic.

Japanese influence

Custom Woodworking & Home Furnishings

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Ottawa, Ontario
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I just love the `Live Wood' look, no two pieces are ever the same.  Unique and beautiful furniture from hand selected limber.  Sometimes, I just sit back and follow the grain for hours feeling the trees history. 

Shawn Vancour

Not only did I restore all the furniture in the old house, I spent an enormous amount of time renovating the house.  One can really learn a lot about old school craftsmanship by dismantling old furniture and houses just to put them back together again.  Saying this, I have honed in on these experiences to create timeless cabinetry using traditional woodworking skills. 

I am a huge fan of George Nakashima.  Combining woodworking craftsmanship, live wood technics and the influences of my travels and the Far East.



Live wood